Collection: Suleenity

Born and raised in Malaysia, Sulee followed the love of her life to Canada. She came with dreams, with plans. In 2019, Sulee created Suleenity Jewelry, a jewelry line made out of environmental brass and gemstones. Suleenity helped her in her mental health recovery tremendously, filled her life with sparkles and joy. Each piece is made to promote self-love, empowerment and to remind us of our magic.

"Sulee is my birth name, it means limpid and pure. I have gone through some rough times in the past few years. My healing journey started with Suleenity and I could not be more grateful that the universe lead me to this path. I love to create and innovate. Making jewelry is my form of meditation, I could work until 3 in the morning and go to sleep with a smile. My jewelry is made with the purpose to remind you of your self worth."