Floor Leader

 Floor Leader

Full-Time position 

  • Sunday-Thursday regular schedule 
  • 28-35 hours/week 
  • Starting wage of $20/hour with opportunities for advancement and wage increases

The Floor Leader is a full-time employee that works closely with our team members to create a welcoming environment for our customers. They are upbeat, positive and love connecting with people! They are a natural leader and continually take initiative to better the business and support their co-workers. The Floor Leader has strong sales skills and brings their unique approach to customer service into our store helping drive the customer facing aspects of the business.

In addition to working on the sales floor, the Floor Leader has additional responsibilities to maintain the overall environment of the store for our customers and team members. When the Store Manager is not present, they act as the leader of the team and ensure that all daily tasks are completed with effort and care. They independently complete daily opening and closing duties of the store. The Floor Leader also works closely with the Store Manager on training and development of other team members.

All of our employees have the opportunity to be a consignor in our space in addition to their role on the floor - if they are an artist or maker with their own product line this can be an additional source of income for them. There is also the opportunity for role promotions, additional contracted work, merit increases and more for our employees. Full-time employees are eligible for health benefits after a 3 month probationary period. The possibilities are endless for those that take the initiative and show the desire to expand their offerings within Good Vibe Space!

Job responsibilities of the Floor Leader include but are not limited to: 

- creating a warm & welcoming environment in the store for customers - making each customers experience extra special by creating meaningful connections - sharing product knowledge with customers 

- point of sale transactions 

- maintaining cleanliness of store 

- receiving and processing inventory 

- receiving and processing online store orders 

- monitoring for and preventing theft 

- assisting with training of staff 

- managing sales floor & prioritising work flow 

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