IndiArts Collective Cotton Hammock
IndiArt Collective

IndiArts Collective Cotton Hammock

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These hammocks are handmade by the Triquis indigenous artisans from San Juan Copada, Mexico. They are made of unbleached natural cotton using a traditional interwoven thread that creates a comfortable, and supportive net. Sit upright or fully recline. Perfect for inside your home or hang outside.  

 Available for pick up only  in Victoria, B.C

Product Specifications Bar diameter: 3.5 cm

Support Weight - 150kg

Hanging Height Required - 1.95cm+

100% cotton

Wooden spreader bar


*Note all sizes are approximate, as each hammock is handmade, they can have slightly different measures.


Product Care

  • Spot clean
  • If your hammock requires a deep cleaning, soak it in soapy water for one hour and handwash it
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Store when not in use

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