About Us

Our mission is to inspire more peace in the world through
art, creativity, entrepreneurship, community, and good vibes! 



GVS co-founders / lifelong friends Linda Mitchell & Makara Adkins felt spiritually aligned when the chance to create their own store was presented to them.

The heritage brick-and-mortar store location was originally Linda’s mom’s gift shop aimed at cruise ship tourists, and could no longer survive once ships stopped coming into Victoria Harbour, Summer 2020. With an amazing location up for grabs, Linda & Makara knew the Universe was giving them an opportunity of a lifetime. 

After incorporating our own new business and a few months of planning, organizing and merchandising, the doors to Good Vibe Space, Inc. opened in October 2020, and we have grown bigger & brighter each day since!

Featuring local art, brands, quality handcraft, fair-trade global goods, cool collections, and beautiful products for body & soul. Makara is also our in-house artist, filling the store with her colourful & vibrant art, wall hangings and handcrafted home decor. 

GVS is attracting our soulmate community - the most amazing artists, creatives, products & brands from Victoria, Vancouver Island, the West Coast and beyond... as well all the wonderful customers who love and appreciate the shop. The response has been incredible, and we are so proud to grow this community !!

Thank you so much for your support, each purchase you make flows prosperity into our small business community, lifting the lives of so many. Blessings! xo