3 Gift Ideas for the Pisces Birthdays

3 Gift Ideas for the Pisces Birthdays

It's almost Pisces season, and it's time to start thinking about those beloved Pisces pals in our life. If you've got a friend born between February 19 and March 20, we've curated three gifts just for them (3 is one of Pisces' lucky numbers).

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1. Mystic Beach Candle for Pisces' Self Care

Pisces are known to be some of the most magical and even psychic of all the signs. They also often end up caring for others at all cost. This is the perfect gift to tune them into their own self care with a mystical twist. This candle by Louisa Jones has notes of fir, sea moss, tonka bean, driftwood, and amber. They'll be enjoying the crackling wood wick for over 20 hours+ of burn time.
Buy the candle here.

2. Hand Painted Zippered Pouch for Pisces' Creativity


andramay designs hand painted pouch

Pisces are often super creative individuals, so this pouch is the perfect gift to help them bring their creative side out and about. Not only is this pouch hand painted by a local maker, AndraMay Designs, but it's also the perfect carrying case for art supplies like pens, crayons and brushes. This way, when creativity strikes, your Pisces bestie will be prepared to answer the call.

Buy the pouch here.


3. Work Your Light Oracle Deck for Pisces' Psychic Side

Work Your Light Oracle Deck

Pisces are known for their psychic abilities and their extreme emotional intelligence. It's a good bet that they would enjoy getting a new deck of cards that can help them reflect on their life. Many say it's best to receive a card deck as a gift as opposed to buying your own, so this would make this gift extra special for your Pisces friend.

Buy the Oracle Deck here.


That's it! Make sure not to forget your Pisces' birthdays this season! They might act like they don't want to make a big deal, but deep down they'll be really happy you remembered them <3

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Credit: @justpiscesfeels

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