5 Places to Visit on Lower Johnson St.

5 Places to Visit on Lower Johnson St.

Around here, our neighbourhood is known as Low Joh: Lower Johnson St. We love our neighbours! As you can see in this cute print by local Victoria artist Sharon Lam, it's definitely an area worth checking out:

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1) Cultured Swine: The Tiniest Barbershop

Don't miss out on getting your haircut in the tiniest barbershop we've ever seen! Catch Taylor, Joel or Pete in the cute space right beside our store. We love them and we are confident you will too.

Find Cultured Swine Barbershop here.

2) Hey Happy: Get Energized

We love getting our coffee across the street in the bright and cheerful coffee shop, Hey Happy. They are known around town for their quality specialty drinks and delicious food. Fuel up here during your jaunt on Low Joh!

Find Hey Happy Coffee Bar here.

3) Zingaro: Tickle Your Senses

Not only is this little shop absolutely beautiful, it smells good too! Zingaro is a great place to go to grab some gorgeous dried florals for your space, fresh eucalyptus for your shower, and sentimental gifts for your friends. We love the Zingaro dried bouquet on display in our store!

Find Zingaro Floral Perfumery here.

4) Friends of Dorothy: Catch a Performance

Friends of Dorothy are our friends down the block, a great spot for some good food, fancy cocktails, and epic performances. Catch the drag brunch, talent show, or even karaoke. Make sure to sing along if you can, and don't forget to tip performers <3

Find Friends of Dorothy here.

5) Good Vibe Space: For a Splash of Colour

If you come to Lower Johnson Street, don't forget to stop by our store for an instant dopamine boost. Check out the local artists and makers that we support, find some cute nostalgic pieces from our house brand, and share a dance and a laugh with our staff. Don't forget to grab a positive reminder on your way out!

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